Friday, September 02, 2005

An Introduction

I've just bought my first apartment in the inner city. It's fabulous. It really is chez moi. I thought what a great idea it would be to discover the 5 streets around me - hey, 5 streets is walking distance - the cafes, the hairdressers, the corner shop for milk and bread, the florist, the video shop, the pubs, the pretty terraces, the Thai place that is so good you don't mind that they don't do home delivery - the ins and outs. The ins and outs of my local community, because it's nice to have that. Hopefully get to know the people, businesses, eccentricities.

Feel free to join me. Perhaps your 5 streets include a beach, your ex's house, or they stretch hundreds of kilometres. Get walking, no, strolling, and see what's around.

Posted by Julia at 9:26 AM


  1. Blogger TessaJ posted at 8:11 AM  
    Ah, can't tell you enough how much I love this idea (came over this afternoon to see if you had any updates over the weekend!)

    Will be starting my own 5-Streets, soon....what a lovely way to share the REAL heart of a place :)
  2. Blogger Jess posted at 3:28 AM  
    I love this way of getting to "know" the world...

    i love it so much i started my own, of my childhood town, :)
  3. Blogger merchant designs posted at 7:46 PM  
    Hi. We just checked out of the San Fransico 5streets, and into yours in Sydney.
    We are a bit slow however - and need you to explain what exactly is '5 Streets'?
    Sorry if we are way behind the 8 ball...

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